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My vision is to invest and promote innovative technologies around the world, helping businesses to innovate sustainably, achieve lasting performance gains and build a thriving workforce for generations to come.


Based on My accumulated experience and extensive network, we aim to bridge the actual business reality with unique and profitable opportunities in a new era of growth.


Why Greece
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Geostrategic Location

As a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece is the economic hub of Southeast Europe. Given the modern infrastructure and owning one of the busiest cargo ports in Europe, Greece is actually an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Western Europe and North Africa.

Human Capital

With more science and engineering graduates than the OECD average, as well as widespread language skills, Greece’s human resources meet the needs of today’s service and knowledge-based economy.

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Greece In Numbers


of Investors believe that the country’s attractiveness will further improve over the next three years


Growth in 2021, the third-best in Europe


increase in foreign direct investments (FDI) in 2021

€70 billion

Of funds from the Next Generation EU financial instrument and the Multiannual Financial Framework are available in total

Growth Potential

Growth in 2022 is forecast to be driven by investment, supported by the impetus from the Recovery and Resilience Plan. As consumer spending returns to its pre-pandemic levels, private consumption is also expected to support growth. In addition, the external environment is forecast to remain supportive. Tourism in particular is expected to continue recovering its previous losses, until it fully returns to its pre-pandemic levels by the end of the forecast horizon. Overall, real GDP is projected to grow by 4.9% in 2022 and ease to 3.5% in 2023.


"The Greek Recovery and Resilience Plan aspires to change the Greek growth model and the institution" and opens up a variety of business options for investments, joint ventures, ventures, and cooperations. 

The RRP aims "to enhance growth, productivity, job creation and economic and social resilience to the people and the country".

"This is a fundamental economic and social transformation, which affects economic activity, but also technology, attitudes, and institutions via reforms; a  transition that combines economic efficiency with social cohesion and justice via ambitious reforms and investments, towards an extroverted, competitive, green and digital growth model " 

Greek Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP)

Read More About Greece’s Recovery & Resilience Plan 

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Recovery & Resilience Plan

Download Greece 2.0
Greece 2.0

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