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Our Work

Our dedicated innovation team relentlessly drives positive change. We build and connect tomorrow's brands through our unique business model and live network, identifying opportunities for growth, change, and real progress.

DNA Chips

Innovative Technologies

  • IoT network infrastructure powered by Helium blockchain

  • Digital and sustainable feeding fish innovative system

  • Advanced technology for early detection of earthquake


  • Specialized  medical centers  IVF and Fertility, dialysis, Eyes

  • Remote medicine technologies

  • OTC natural flu medicine

Medical Record Analysis

Smart City Technologies

  • Smart city control rooms- 360 Solution for all needs of digital information to the citizens, outdoor and indoor and CCTV indoor and remote-controlled

  • E-mobility solutions and  EV charging systems

  • Unique technology to identify and locate sub-surface water of different types and origins

  • Satellite-Based Infrastructure Intelligence infrastructure survey. Detection and Mapping of Underground Infrastructures

  • Accessibility technology for people with disabilities in the urban environment

  • Smart parking solution systems

  • Experience  playgrounds and compounds


  • Smart kindergarten

Futuristic Car

Green Solutions

  • Thermo solar collector technology

  • Home and Industrial advanced composting systems

  • Upcycling food waste into high level, low-cost biomaterials

  • Used diapers for energy solutions

  • Industrial composting systems


  • Wastewater advanced technologies and systems

Recycling Bins
Security Room

Homeland Security and Military High-End Solutions and Consulting

Real Estate

  • Large network and deep understanding of the RE market

Modern Building
Writing on Glass

Innovation Hubs

  • Build and execute open innovation programs for large organizations


  • Solve business challenges with external technologies and keep your organization at the forefront of innovation


  • B2G innovation projects

Handshake in the Office

Let's Talk Bussines!

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